In today’s turbulent world, an eye in the sky is often the extra peace of mind you need when protecting your home or business. If the unthinkable happens, video evidence can help Law Enforcement in their investigations. But a video camera will also provide a view of your property anytime you want to check-in, thanks to remote viewing.

From overt video systems with conspicuous camera placement and open, widely viewable monitors, to covert systems that utilize hidden cameras and private off-site viewing, at Protection Unlimited, Inc. we have a solution tailored just for you.

Our video system design philosophy begins here:

  • Digital video recorder with multiple days of data retention and remote viewing capabilities.
  • Alarm activation. Did someone trip your alarm? The video system can record the event.
  • Smart cameras with motion detection. Only record when something is happening.
  • Record during a given time frame. Watch that doorway when a loved one is expected to arrive.
  • Ultra High quality video using the latest megapixel technology
  • Nighttime recording using advanced cameras that provide their own illumination
  • Tiny, covert cameras that are virtually impossible to detect
  • Alarm event viewing.
  • Video copy service for Law Enforcement

From single camera systems all the way up to 32 or 64 camera surveillance installations with full pan & tilt functionality, our video systems can be tailored to any industrial installation, office complex, small business, or home setting, and our pricing is designed to fit any budget. Call or email us today and discover how our forty years of experience can serve you.