Your home is your sanctuary. In this day and age security for your family in your home is paramount. National statistics have shown year-after-year what we all have always suspected: A home without a quality security system is at least three times more likely to be burglarized*. Fortunately, over the years residential security systems have greatly advanced in quality of their design while, at the same time, sharply dropped in overall cost. An entry-level security system from Protection Unlimited, Inc. can protect your doors and windows with simple switches and glass-breakage detectors and send critical alarm signals wirelessly to our LOCAL central station. We offer more advanced security systems for your home that adhere to our Total Security Product: Full burglary, fire, and medical alert protection with 24-hour monitoring from our LOCAL central station. We can contact you by any combination of telephone, Email, or text message. All of our systems can be managed remotely with a Smartphone app, PC, or laptop.

Points covered in our Total Security products:

  • Complete perimeter -- door and window contacts, glass-breakage detectors, crawl space hatches, attic pull-down stairs, etc.
  • Interior motion detector with optional pet-immunity up to 80 lbs
  • Optional silver room interior doors
  • Fire -- Smoke detectors, localized heat sensors, keypad panic
  • Remote supervised panic buttons
  • Remote arm, disarm, and panic with supervised keyfob
  • Tamper detection - If there’s a problem with a sensor you need to know immediately.
  • TROUBLE reporting - Like tamper detection, but an alert is sent to our central station. We’ll call about the problem immediately.
  • Outside air conditioner compressor protection
  • Wireless signal delivery to Central Station -- quick, reliable, no-nonsense communication
  • Optional notification of alarm events via Email and/or SMS text message
  • Inside and outside sirens, optional supervised bell circuit
  • Flashing strobe light to further draw attention

Call or email us today to find out how our forty years of experience in the business of protecting families can be used to help you protect yours.

*Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report (2013)